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Eyebrow lift without surgery can be obtained with Micro Botox injections, Fillers injections, and Ultherapy HIFU Ultrasounds of Ulthera.

Micro Botox Eyebrow Lift

With Micro Botox injections in a very specific dots depending on brow and eye morphology.

Fillers Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow Lift can also be done with filler injections on the upper orbital bone!

Eyebrow Lift Filler and Eyebrow Lift Botox must be combined in certain cases to obtain satisfactory results.
This will depend on the face and eyebrows assessment.

Ultrasounds Ultherapy HIFU Eyebrow Lift 

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Eyebrow Lift is Painless.
No bruises and no downtime.
Treatment takes 30 min.

Muscle responsible of the pulling-down the tail of the brow is obviously a depressor muscle; the orbicularis oculi muscle.
This muscle pulls on the tail of eyebrow while causing those crow’s feet wrinkles at the eye corners.

“I inject this muscle properly, being careful not to inject too low so as not to reach the smile muscle: the zygomaticus major muscle, nor too medically as to avoid the eyelid lifting muscle. I inject this muscle in its outer portion at the end of eyebrow in one spot which will vary according to the morphology of each person to raise tail of eyebrow and give a bow to its outer third, in the same time Frontalis muscle or forehead muscle has to be preserved in a very specific vector after precise measurement to obtain a pulling up exactly where we desire the arch to be, resulting in a very nice Brow shape and Brow Lift” Dr Kacem.

Brow Lift is equally obtained with subtle filler injections such as Juvederm Ultra +, or by combined treatment utilizing subtle hyaluronic acid fillers and tiny dose Botox injections.

I inject a very slight amount of chosen hyaluronic acid adapted to this area, with a very specific technique in eyebrow area as well as the temporal region.

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