Cheek Fillers

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Cheek Fillers and cheekbones fillers injections are in the heart of any Beautification or rejuvenation approach.
A particularly developed eye for beauty and aestheticism is key to reach divine proportions and harmony to unlock each patient’s attractiveness potential.

The 8 point Facelift technique is my preferred approach! The Phi Ratio is my permanent guide!

Indeed it allows me to achieve very naturally and aesthetics outcomes.” Dr Kacem

– Treatment takes 30 minutes
– Totally Painless, no bruises, no swelling.
– Instant amazing facelift without any downtime!
– We utilize Teosyal Ultra deep or Juvederm voluma.

Cheek fillers, 8 Point Lift, how much, cost, prices London

£250 – £350 per injected syringe
1 up to 4 syringes is necessary.