Dr Kacem

Dr Zoer KACEM | Leading Cosmetic Doctor Since 2002 | International trainer and speaker in advanced usage of fillers and botulinum toxin.

Dr Kacem Paris Kyiv

Raised in Paris France, Dr Kacem began his career 15 years ago after earning his Medical Doctorate from the University of Paris.
He became qualified in Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetic Dermatology, Anti-Ageing, and Skin Lasers.

He opened his first clinic in Paris in 2002 fully dedicated to Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine and has over the years built a reputation based first on a long Listening to his patients, a better understanding of their expectations, desires and emotions to conduct a bespoke and unique treatment accordingly.

His trademark? Less is more – très peu… so as results are always natural and barely visible!

His techniques? Forged with incessant Passion and Permanent search of Perfection during 14 years of exclusive practice of Cosmetic Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine and Age Maintainance.His Ultimate Goal? Responding to a High demanding level of his clientele.
“Over the last 14 years, my goal has been to respond to the high demanding level of my patients, using safe, flexible and non-invasive treatments”
“First and foremost, one must understand perfectly the wishes and desires of each patient as well as the non-expressed emotions motivating these expectations.”

Dr Kacem is a trainer and lecturer for Vital Esthétique, an international company present in 60 countries.

He assures training and lecturing for international doctors, dentists, nurses and beauticians in workshops providing theory and hands-on for both beginners and advanced candidates.

Dr Kacem has essentially an Artistic vision of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine, this has a direct impact on his practice from the first consultation to the completion of care.

He is solicited in several countries for his lectures and regularly gives seminars and conducts training workshops in many countries.

He was formed by French doctors and surgeons pioneers in this discipline and world-renowned as Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh and Dr Patrick Rabineau.
He draws on the most recent work and research of Dr Rod Rohrich, Dr Joel Pessa, Dr Bryan Mendelson, Dr Zein Obagi, Dr Furnas and Dr Mauricio De Maio, and keeps his knowledge permanently updated.

Dr Kacem has dedicated the last 13 years of his medical practice, mainly in Paris, then London, but also internationally, in Monaco, Brussels, Zurich, and Geneva, exclusively to Medical Facial Aesthetics, Body Contouring.

He is specialized in the 8 point facelift with fillers, subtle lip fillers, micro baby botox and fat dissolving injections with Belkyra (Kybella).
He is also a consultant in Breast Augmentation and Butt Lift with Fat injections.

DR ZOHER KACEM, London, Harley St,, Paris

Paris address
20 Rue de la Trémoille
75008 Paris

London address
25 Harley Street
United Kingdom

“I am a French Cosmetic Doctor since 2002. Raised in Paris, I opened my first aesthetic clinic in Paris in 2002.

I am an adept of the BeautiPHIcation concept using fillers according to Dr Arthur Swift, Canada, and The 8 point lift techniques according to the MD Codes of Dr Mauricio De Maio, Brazil.

I injecte PPC Phosphatidyl Choline + DC Sodium Deoxycholate, since 2006, today’s Aqualyx, Belkyra and Kybella.

I am an adept of ZO Dr Obagi skin health restoration concept and protocols.

I am specialised in Skin Laser treatments especially PicoSure Laser, the one and only Picosecond laser in the world!

When it comes to skin tightening my preference goes naturally for Ultherapy with Ulthera, HIFU, High Intensity Focused Ultrasounds!

I like scrupulous face assessment and subtle results using droplet injections with needles.
I am not a great fan of cannula except for temporal and sub-malar regions.”

Dr Kacem