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Eye Lift London | Laser Eyelid Surgery | Ultherapy

Surgical Eyelift London, Harley St, appealing to Micro Liposculpture and Laser Eyelid Surgery, Blepharoplasty.

Or Non-Surgical Eyelift using UltherapyFiller injections, and Botox injections.

Eyes ageing

Eyes are the window to the soul, it is what we see, what we notice first.
Unfortunately, Eyes are what age first as well, the very first signs of ageing affect eyes.

First, sunken circles or dark circles emerge following the orbicularis oculi muscle activity, the muscle around the eye and the fat melting thereof the periorbital area is undressed revealing the palpebral malar groove and jugal malar groove which join to form the famous valley of tears.

In some cases even early under eye bags can also emerge due to orbicularis oculi muscle laxity.

Later, it is the eyelid that falls under the influence of muscle and skin sagging.
Eyebrow also tends to ptosis in its terminal part and eye tends to close.

Here, prevention is key, micro Botox injections with combined treatment involving Ultherapy and subtle filler injections give very satisfactory results.

In other cases, Soft Surgery appealing to Micro Liposculpture and/or Blepharoplasty can be necessary.

Laser Eyelid Surgery, London

Upper or lower eyelid Blepharoplasty combined with Micro Liposculpture can be necessary to achieve Eye rejuvenation.
These treatments are performed without general anaesthesia in our clinic in the heart of Marylebone London.
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Eyebrow lift with Ultherapy London

Ultherapy acts on the deep dermis and facial muscles, heating, contracting and Lifting Sagging Skin and Tissues.
It is indeed an excellent indication for moderate skin sagging around the eye as well as the eyelid.

Eyebrow lift with Fillers

We opt for soft fillers treatment to achieve subtle eyebrow lift.
We place fillers in very specific areas hence under the tail of the eyebrow and along the body of the eyebrow as well as in the temples.
This results in a nice lifting effect of the eye area.
Mico Botox is recommended in addition of fillers for perfect results.

Eyebrow lift with Botox

Eyebrow Lift is obtained by appropriately weakening the Orbicularis oculi (muscle of the eye) in its external part.
A lift of the tail of the brow and a reduction of crows feet wrinkles are achieved and as a result an opening of the eye.

Aesthetic medicine thanks to the evolution of techniques and thanks to recent innovations of laboratories such as Allergan allows treatment increasingly fine and precise with hyaluronic acid fillers increasingly sophisticated such as Juvederm Volbella in this very indication.

Eyelift, how much, cost, price, London, Harley St

Will depend on the case and treatment from £400.