Lip Lines

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Lip lines London | Smokers | Micro Botox, 1 ml Juvederm Injection 

Lip Lines are mostly smoker lines and actinic ageing lines from sun damage which appear earlier around age 30-35, especially in women with thin fair skin.

Dr Kacem, Cosmetic Doctor and skin Expert since 2002, has developed a soft and gentle technique to erase lip lines combining injections of soft fillers, micro botox and special skin stimulation at cell level witch awake dermis cells and put them at work again so as they repair damage from within.

Combining treatments allows correcting lip lines at each level.

Lip lines Treatment takes 30 minutes and is painless with minimum downtime.

In certain cases, if lip lines are very deep, a CO2 fractional laser such as Fraxel laser is an option, injections of very tiny doses of Micro Botox is another option; combined with treatments mentioned above.

Lip lines treatment, London, Paris, cost and price, Micro Botox, Juvederm

£250 – £350