Lipofilling breast, buttocks, London, UK, Brussels, Istanbul | Fat Transfer

Lipofilling breast Buttocks London, Abroad, Brussels

Lipofilling breast, buttocks, London, UK, 20 years of experience in Fat Transfer.
Private clinic in London, UK, Istanbul, and Brussels.
Private operating theatre.

Lipofilling Breast Augmentation London, Brussels, Istanbul!

Breast and Buttock reshaping using injections of your own Fat:
 Under local anesthesia
 without Implants,
 without Skin cutting,
 without scars,
 with the shortest recovery.

Lipofilling Breast and Buttocks Augmentation is by far the most appropriate option in this regard.
Fat is first removed from the patient’s desired area, correcting a possible unsightly flaw, in most cases, hips, abdomen, and outer thigh.
But any part of the body is potentially donor.

Prices, how much, costs, Lipofilling, Breast, Buttocks! Bum Lift Fat Transfer, London, Brussels, Istanbul!

From 2000£

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