Mesotherapy london, Harley St

Mesotherapy London | Skin Radiance, Glow, Tone and Hydration

Mesotherapy London, Harley St, Mesotherapy is a French invention, it consists of delivering active product exactly to where we want to act.
It is considered by Dr Kacem as one of the irreplaceable tools of Aesthetic Medicine.
Mesotherapy can be done by hand or gun, the latter helps to control depth and allows less painful injections.

Mesotherapy applied to skin also known as Mesolift or Mesoglow, gives Radiance, Glow, and Tone as well as dramatic results to complexion!

Moreover, it allows skin Bio revitalisation, with its immune and micro blood circulation stimulation.
Finally, Mesotherapy using a non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid as Restylane Vital or Redensity Teosyal allows skin hydration.

Personally, I always combine Mesotherapy with glycolic acid Peel to optimize results.
I use this technique since 2004 before any Needling technique or Dermaroler existed.

Mesotherapy How much, Cost, prices, London, Harley St, Mesoglow

£200 to £300