minoxidil injections London, Harley St,

Minoxidil 5% Injections women and men London

Minoxidil injections have proven to be more efficient than topical Minoxidil 5%.
Minoxidil injections take 30 minutes.
Pain is minimum with local anaesthetics.
No downtime.

Minoxidil injections are preferably combined with Minoxidil 5% women and men lotion for optimum efficacy.
Daily use at home.

Minoxidil in details
-Prolongs the growth cycles of thinning hairs and stimulates short-term hair growth
-Can delay normal hair shedding but do not stop hair from thinning
– Minoxidil Do not stop the progression of hair Loss!
5% Minoxidil is more than enough
No need for stronger doses
Scalp Irritation is possible.

Minoxidil injections cost, prices, London, Harley St,

From £200.