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According to PHI the Beauty measurement of Facial Proportions and Harmony which are the key to Attractiveness.

We Aim to Balance your Facial Proportions and enhance Harmony to unlock your potential attractiveness, using very subtle and precise facial fillers injections” Dr Kacem.

To determine the most appropriate treatment approach it is essential to have a particular Artistic Sense as well as a Unique Eye for Beauty and Aestheticism along with good experience in facial injectables.

Proportions Harmony Purity = Clarity = Youthfulness Symmetry

Ideal proportions of facial features appear to obey to Phi Ratio, divine proportions, respect to mathematical ratio Phi.

Is Eumorphy
Alternative rhythm and regularity of facial contours and volumes which should Not be a succession of bumps and depression but a smooth wave made of concave and convex curves.
The ideal face contour and volume profile can be assimilated to the Ogee curve.
An Ogee curved face is perceived as a major element of beauty and universally generates a high level of positive emotions.

Is associated with the prominence of some specific elements such as:
-The slight prominence of the upper lip compares with the lower lip.
-Right positioning of the malar bone prominence apex
-Exact shape of facial volumes defining the triangle of youth
With the quality of skin that are Smoothness – Radiance – Tone – Elasticity.

To preserve the notion of natural beauty while conducting a rejuvenation treatment, it is important to remind patients of some principles
The objective of the treatment is not to fill wrinkles but to maximise patient natural beauty potential.
It is about maximisation of your own natural beauty potential!

Each treatment should be integrated into a global rejuvenation approach.

Facial injections of Resolvable fillers certainly constitute the best combination of efficiency and flexibility to bring back natural beauty to the face!
We just need to remember when conducting a rejuvenation treatment that it is not about rejuvenation
It is a question of Beauty Maximization.

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